Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Metallica - 2017 - WorldWired European Tour - The Concert (Aud-Shot Multi cam))

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Metallica - 2017 - WorldWired European Tour - The Concert


01 - Intro/Hardwired (cut) (October 22nd, London, England)
02 - Moth Into Flame (September 2nd, Copenhagen, Denmark)
03 - Through the Never (September 4th, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
04 - Blitzkrieg (September 6th, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
05 - The Day That Never Comes (September 8th, Paris, France)
06 - Helpless (September 10th, Paris, France)
07 - Battery (September 12th, Lyon, France)
08 - Of Wolf and Man (September 12th, Lyon, France)
09 - Atlas, Rise! (September 14th, Cologne, Germany)
10 - Seek & Destroy (September 14th, Cologne, Germany)
11 - Confusion (September 16th, Cologne, Germany)
12 - Whiskey in the Jar (September 16th, Cologne, Germany)
13 - Fuel (October 22nd, London, England)
14 - Halo On Fire (October 22nd, London, England)
15 - Spit Out the Bone (October 24th, London, England)
16 - Leper Messiah (October 24th, London, England)
17 - Harvester of Sorrow (October 26th, Glasgow, Scotland)
18 - Now That We're Dead (October 26th, Glasgow, Scotland)
19 - ManUNkind (October 28th, Manchester, England)
20 - Stone Cold Crazy (October 28th, Manchester, England)
21 - The Shortest Straw (October 30th, Birmingham, England)
22 - Am I Evil? (October 30th, Birmingham, England)
23 - Damage, Inc. (November 1st, Antwerp, Belgium)
24 - Dream No More (November 3rd, Antwerp, Belgium)
25 - For Whom the Bell Tolls (November 3rd, Antwerp, Belgium)

DVD Info
Menu: Yes
Chapters (SongSelect): Yes
SoundMenu: Yes
AudioSetup: Yes (Audio 2 System (Option))
Video: NTSC/16:9 Widescreen
Audio1: AC3/448 Kbps/5.1 Ch
Audio2: LPCM/1536 Kbps/2 Ch

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    1. I'm sorry. File no have problems
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