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The Beatles - The Ultimate Intertel - Plus (TMOQ Gazette vol.26)

The Beatles - The Ultimate Intertel - Plus (TMOQ Gazette vol.26)
TMOQ Gazette vol 26
The Ultimate Intertel - Plus

On 25th November 1965 The Beatles filmed ten promotional clips in black-and-white for five songs.
Help !, Ticket To Ride, I Feel Fine (two versions), Day Tripper (three versions) and We Can Work It Out (three versions).
Although ten were shot, only nine are known to have survived - the first version of Day Tripper is the missing one.

They were all shot by Intertel VTR Services and filmed in black-and-white, although still photos from the sessions were shot in colour.
The 1965 shorts were produced by NEMS employee Tony Bramwell and directed by Joe McGrath at Twickenham Film Studios.

There is no substitution of better quality versions from recent official releases, these are the originals presented in the best quality possible - including slates and longer intros and runouts. The longest slate is over 40 seconds long and some even show assistants in shot winding cable or cleaning their glasses or just getting in the way. Really are unedited, indeed.

Some extra bonus versions of these songs are included on disc one as identified below.

On 19th and 20th May 1966 The Beatles filmed six promotional clips in black-and-white for both sides of their latest single.
Paperback Writer (four versions) and Rain (two versions) all being performance style takes.
They also filmed exclusive colour versions of Paperback Writer and Rain, with spoken introduction, for airing in the United States on the Ed Sullivan Show. Again in performance style.
Paperback Writer and Rain "concept" promos in colour were also shot on 20th May at the Chiswick House Gardens.
Also included as bonus items on the discs as listed below are:
Paperback Writer - A new edit of the colour promo made for Anthology in 1995
Paperback Writer - Newly created Quad screen comparison split-screen video
Paperback Writer - Jumbled fun mixed up quad screen version
Rain - Split-screen comparison version of the two performance versions

The same original promos are on each disc, the first with the original native audio, the second with re-mastered stereo audio.

The 24 page stiff card booklet for the TMOQ Gazette has a much more detailed write-up from which the above was extracted.
It also has pictures of the slates and shots from the video sessions,
Plus an interview with the Beatles to promote the film Help !
And a piece about the songs featured and the usual excellent photographs and typical HMC asides.

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