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The Beatles - The Starry Night In Denmark And Netherlands

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The Beatles
The Starry Night In Denmark And Netherlands
(2 CD 1 DVD)

Live In Denmark & Netherlands During The World Tour June 1964 With Jimmy Nicol.
     Abbey Road Studio Rehearsal, London - 3rd June 1964
1-1     Jimmy Nicol's Drums Play    
    K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark - 4th June 1964
    Source A - Version 1
1-2     I Want To Hold Your Hand    
1-3     All My Loving    
1-4     She Loves You    
1-5     Till There Was You    
1-6     Roll Over Beethoven    
1-7     Can't Buy Me Love    
1-8     This Boy    
1-9     Twist And Shout    
    Source A - Version 2
1-10     I Want To Hold Your Hand    
1-11     All My Loving    
1-12     She Loves You    
1-13     Till There Was You    
1-14     Roll Over Beethoven    
1-15     Can't Buy Me Love    
1-16     This Boy    
1-17     Twist And Shout    
    Source B - Version 1
1-18     I Saw Her Standing There    
    Source B - Version 2
1-19     I Saw Her Standing There    
    The Beatles In Netherlands - 5th June 1964
    On Air Version
1-20     She Loves You    
1-21     All My Loving    
1-22     Twist And Shout    
1-23     Roll Over Beethoven    
1-24     Long Tall Sally    
1-25     Can't Buy Me Love    
    Audience Source - Version 1
1-26     Twist And Shout    
    Audience Source - Version 2
1-27     Twist And Shout    
1-28     Schiphol Airport Arrival    
1-29     Press Conference    
    The Veilinghal Op Hoop Van Zegen, Blokker - 6th June 1964
    Afternoon Show
    Source A
2-1     Introduction    
2-2     I Saw Her Standing There    
3-3     I Want To Hold Your Hand    
2-4     All My Loving    
2-5     She Loves You    
    Source B
2-6     Twist And Shout    
2-7     Long Tall Sally    
    Source C
2-8     Before The Concert    
2-9     I Saw Her Standing There    
2-10     I Want To Hold Your Hand    
    Source D
2-11     She Loves You    
    Source E
2-12     She Loves You    
2-13     Long Tall Sally    
    Evening Show
    Source A
2-14     I Saw Her Standing There    
    Source B
2-15     I Want To Hold Your Hand    
2-16     All My Loving    
    Source C
2-17     I Saw Her Standing There    
    Source D
2-18     Concert Document    
2-19     Interview 1    
2-20     Interview 2    
DVD-1     Jimmy Nicol Rehearsals At The Abbey Road Studios    
DVD-2     K.B. Hallen, Copenhagen - 4th June 1964    
DVD-3     'The Beatles In Netherlands' - 5th June 1964    
DVD-4     Noordzeekanaal - 6th June 1964    
DVD-5     The Veilinghal Op Hop Van Zegen, Blokker - 6th June 1964    
DVD-6     Tour Documentary    
DVD-7     De Beatles In Nederlands    
DVD-8     'The Beatles In Netherlands' - Re-Broadcast    
DVD-9     'B-Day In Blokker' - Holland TV Program



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