Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Iron Maidens - 2010 - Metal Gathering Tour Live in Japan

The Iron Maidens
Metal Gathering Tour Live in Japan 


Disc 1

3."Die With Your Boots On" (Bruce Dickinson, Adrian Smith, Harris)
4."The Trooper"
5."Flight of Icarus" (Dickinson, Smith)
6."Revelations" (Dickinson)
7."Killers" (Paul Di'Anno, Harris)
8."Wasted Years" (Smith)
9."Alexander the Great"
10."Losfer Words (Big 'Orra)"
11."The Number of the Beast"
12."The Wicker Man" (Dickinson, Smith, Harris)
13."The Evil That Men Do" (Dickinson, Smith, Harris)
14."Hallowed Be Thy Name"
15.Mini Murray's Shamisen
16."The Prisoner" (Smith, Harris)
17."22 Acacia Avenue" (Smith, Harris)
18."Phantom of the Opera"
19."Run to the Hills"

Disc 2
1."Wasted Years" (Encore song at Holiday Osaka)(Smith)
2."Moonchild" (Encore song at Holiday Nagoya) (Dickinson, Smith)
4.Tomei Highway (Behind the Scenes of Tour)

Video: NTSC/4:3
Audio: AC3/192 Kbps/2 Ch

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