Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Paul Rodgers - Colston Hall, Bristol - 2017 - flac

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CD Cover By Deer 5001
Paul Rodgers Free Spirit Tour 10th May 2017
Colston Hall, Bristol

Recorded near front, fairly Centrally. The sound quality at the show was excellent.
Recorded on Edirol R09, CM22 Mics. Fades with Wavepad,
Tracks split with CDWAV.


1. A Little Bit of Love (missing start)
2. Ride on a Pony
3. My Brother Jake
4. Be My Friend
5. Soon In will be Gone
6. Songs of Yesterday
7. Love You So
8. Travellin' in Style
9. Come Together in the Morning
10. Travellin' Man
11. The Stealer
12. Mr. Big
13. Woman
14. Fire and Water
15. The Hunter

16. Wishing Well
17. Alright Now
18. Walk in my Shadow

I had waited since the early 70's to see Paul Rodgers. He was on form and
although he couldn't reach all the notes, he sang superbly. Unfortunately my
neighbour sang rather off-key but, hey, he was enjoying the night and it
was only for short bits here and there and doesn't spoil the recording.

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