Saturday, May 20, 2017

Manowar - 2009 - Live On July 24 Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia

Live On July 24 Gorky Park, Moscow, Russia 


1. Intro
2. Manowar
3. Blood Of My Enemies
4. Hand Of Doom
5. Brothers Of Metal
6. Call To Arms
7. Heart Of Steel
8. Sleipnir
9. Loki, God of Fire
10. Kings Of Metal
11. Eric Adams
12. Bass Solo
13. Guitar Jam
14. Gods Made Heavy Metal
15. Fast Taker
16. Warriors Of The World United
17. Kill With Power
18. Hail and Kill
19. Thunder in the Sky
20. Let the Gods Decide
21. Die With Honour
22. God or Man
23. Outro: Crown and the Ring

DVD Cover Included
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Part01 // Part02 // Part03 // Part04


  1. Hello thanks for the concerts, you can check the files of this MANOWAR concert, when I download the files there is no problem when I want to unzip them a message appears (the content of the files is not compatible with windos vista) you could check them please.

  2. Thanks for arranging the links