Saturday, November 5, 2016

Motorhead - Birthday Party.Live At Hammersmith Odeon,London1985

Birthday Party.
Live At Hammersmith Odeon,London

Recorded live at the Hammersmith Odeon on June 26, 1985, The Birthday Party is a great document of Motorhead in concert. All their legendary songs are here: from "Ace of Spades" to "Iron Fist" to "Metropolis" to "We Are the Road Crew," everything is full speed ahead. This one is for fans of music that makes you go crunch. ~ James Chrispell, All Music Guide
1 Iron Fist (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
2 Mean Machine (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Gill)
3 On The Road (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Gill)
4 We Are The Road Crew (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
5 The Hammer (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
6 Metropolis (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
7 Ace Of Spades (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
8 Steal Your Face (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Gill)
9 Nothing Up My Sleeve (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Gill)
10 Bite The Bullet (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
11 The Chase Is Better Than The Catch
12 No Class (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
13 Killed By Death (Kilmister/Burston/Campbell/Gill)
14 Bomber (Kilmister/Clarke/Taylor)
15 Motorhead (Kilmister)

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