Monday, October 31, 2016

The Beatles - MCP-021 - A Salute To The Beatles

The Beatles - A Salute To The Beatles - MCP-021

MCP-021 A Salute To The Beatles: Once Upon A Time hosted by
A Salute To The Beatles: Once Upon A Time
hosted by David Frost
new transfer for 2015
by fans, for fans
never for sale

This re-release is a new transfer from the same source tape I used in 2006, however I also came across a tape I had bought that had excerpts in better quality, and included the opening titles which was missing from my original tape. This DVD is a mix of the two tapes.
Includes interviews with Mal Evans and Derek Taylor, as well as other cool Beatle stuff.
Note that this new version omits the "Welcome To Pepperland" film that was also on the original disc. This new transfer is at a higher bitrate, so there wasn't room.

DVD Cover Included
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