Monday, October 31, 2016

The Beatles - MCP-143 The Beatles CBS News NTSC

The Beatles
CBS News
60 minutes

digitized and authored by MCP from his old VHS tapes - May 2015

by fans, for fans
never for sale!!

All of the material on this disc has been shared by myself previously, however these are new transfers that benefited from time base correction, and other tweaks. i also authored this at a bitrate exceeding 9000kbs.


Kennedy Airport
Plaza Hotel
Delmonico Hotel
Warwick Hotel
Capitol Records Tower
Shea '66

DVD Cover Included
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01 - Ausfile
Beatles_MCP_143.part1.rar - 700.0 MB
Beatles_MCP_143.part2.rar - 700.0 MB
Beatles_MCP_143.part3.rar - 700.0 MB
Beatles_MCP_143.part4.rar - 700.0 MB
Beatles_MCP_143.part5.rar - 700.0 MB
Beatles_MCP_143.part6.rar - 488.8 MB

02 - FileFactory Download Click here

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