Friday, September 16, 2016

Guns N' Roses - Get in the Ring Series - Blue

Guns N' Roses - Get in the Ring Series - Blue

Info Blue Disk:

MTV 91 Tour News Report about Skid Row. Axl/Slash Interview
Slash MTV interview of Stardom 1991 Alpine Valley
Axl interview on Terminator 2 Arnold/YCBM Video
Hershey Pennsylvania MTV NEWs Report about foul language
MTV News Report about St. Louis Riot
Guns N Roses Blown Away MTV Summer of 1991 Special Videos, Interviews, Live clips, etc.
Farm Aid 1990 Civil War Stereo. Jumpy Image
Best Heavy Metal Video MTV 1989 Awards Presented by Motley Crue. Steven and Duff.
W. Axl Rose Interview/Famous Last Word Excerpts
A Current Affair News Report Don't You Come Home Bill Bailey 1991
News Years Eve Fox Promo/UYI Album Promo
MTV 1991 Year in Review/Don't Cry video Premiere MTV Promo spot
MTV News Years Eve 1991 You Could Be Mine/Don't Cry live in St. Petersburg Florida
Fox News Years Eve 1991 Live and Let Die Live in St. Petersburg Florida
MTV News Axl Cuts his hand in Dayton Ohio January 1992 It's So Easy Live Clip
Yesterdays Live in Las Vegas January 25 1992
Slash Black Death Vodka MTV News Report
Slash Rocklin MTV clip
Slash Black Death Vodka MTV News Report #2
MTV News Report 1992 on GN'R leaving the country St Louis Riot
Freddie Mercury Appearance Paradise City

Video: NTSC/4:3
Audio: LPCM/1536 Kbps/2 Ch

DVD Cover Included
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GNR_Blue.part4.rar - 551.4 MB


  1. hi there is missin part 4 and yellow series,thanks

    1. I'm sorry for long wait
      Please download all links
      I rezip and reup for you
      Deer 5001